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In a major product test including wax, alloy cleaner and shampoo the wizard came top in most catagories beating names like Auto-glym, Simoz, Turtle-wax and will be featured soon in auto mags across Europe.

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Let The Wizard Work His Magic!

Our harsh environment does not care how fine an automobile you drive……

….so the Wax Wizard brings you the world's finest car care products for those who do!

Product Guide

The Wax Wizard Story…

The chances are that you own a fine automobile, maybe even an expensive one. Chances are even better that you want to give it the best care. If so, car care products from some local discount chain probably are not good enough for you or your automobile.

Today, our programme has been expanded to help you deal safely and effectively with virtually every car care situation that you might face. And you can do so with the peace of mind that an amazing amount of testing and development has gone into every product on these pages. Do you want more detailed information or have a question about care care? ASK THE WAX WIZARD. We are more than happy to help. You see, our own cars are like your cars….only the best is good enough.

What is Wax Wizard?

The Wax Wizard brings you a range of automotive care products that are amongst the best, if not the best in the market place. Wax Wizard products and those from Meguiar's and Dr OK Wack Chemie are different, very different in fact.

The Wax Wizard brings you its own high quality products along with imported products from world famous manufacturers like Meguiar's and Dr OK Wack Chemie. Stars of the Wax Wizard range are our High Content Carnauba Paste Waxes. These waxes are an enzyme mixture until applied to your vehicle's paintwork and then become a true wax. These waxes have a carnauba content of 40 to 54% by volume – some 8 to 10 times the industry norm.

All Wax Wizard products and those from Meguiar's and Dr OK Wack Chemie are all designed for ease of use. All products within our growing product range use the very best quality ingredients. This enables you to maintain your vehicle to exacting show room standards with the minimum of effort.

Wax Wizard offers you a complete automotive care system. All our products are well proven. Our paintwork cleansers and waxes as well as those from Meguiar's and Dr OK Wack Chemie are "paintable". Paintable is term we use to describe products that are safe to use on fresh paint or in a body shop environment. Paintable products will not inhibit the curing process.

There are three very straightforward steps to achieve a stunning finish using the Wax Wizard way:

1. WASHING: is the process of removing surface dirt and grime from your vehicle's paintwork and other areas. 2. CLEANING & CONDITIONING: Cleaning removes dead, oxidised paint as well as stubborn contamination (acid rain deposits, tar spots etc) that cannot be removed by washing alone. Conditioning (polishing) restores valuable oils to the paint, eliminates fine scratches and swirl marks whilst creating an incredible high gloss. You will see a dramatic difference when you cleanse the paintwork on a dark coloured car.

Also in this section we pay attention to other areas of your automobile that require Cleaning and Conditioning. Under this section we list areas for attention such as Glass, Wheels, Tyres, Interior, Exterior Trim and Windscreen Wash/Care.

3. WAXING/FEEDING: waxes are designed for durability. Waxing will improve the shine (gloss) of the paint but its main function is to improve durability and to protect the paint.

4. We also offer a range of well proven accessories such as our standard 100% unsized cotton terry buffing towels and our 100% cotton terry towel wash pads.

If you would like more information on our range of products please contact us:

The Wax Wizard
Kirkwood Marketing Ltd
34 Molesworth Rd

Freephone: 0800 074 1608
Telephone: 01752 561911
Fax: 01752 563100

We also offer a weekend information/help service,
which is available Saturdays and Sundays from 0900 to 1700.
Please contact the Wax Wizard on: 0402 822544.

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