We have introduced 15 regions throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland.

If you want to get in touch with the leader in your area you have to log on to the members only site and you will get access to telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and local event boards.


North West / Lancashire

Dan Phillips
James White

The MidlandsNorth
Marcus Caswell

The MidlandsSouth

East Anglia / Home counties

Tom Chinnery


Neil Rowe

South East

Russell Cook

South West

Simon Harris

South West/Central Coast

Chris Skinner


Mike Foster-Isaacs

North East

Paul Freer



Caroline Ewen & Phil Webster

Central/South & Events

Mark Devine




Northern Ireland/ EIRE

Northern Ireland

Chris Maguire


Niall Mc Carthy



Nick Watson


The Peugeot GTi Autosport Club and the Performance Peugeot Network is operated & run by Peugeot motoring enthusiasts on a voluntary basis.

who - is - who ?

United Kingdom & Ireland

Club leader

Jennifer is the club's Chairperson and drives a 306 GTi-6 and has over the last few years enjoyed a 205 1.9 GTi and also a 106 GTi. She took part with Mark in a Redline Photoshoot to assist in a 306 GTi buyers guide and promotion of the club. If you want to speak with Jennifer about her site or car e-mail her at gti6@gti6.screaming.net

Website & club manager

Webmaster & member's secretary of Peugeot GTi Site, Performance Peugeot Network and the club. He lives in Fife Scotland. If you have any difficulties with discount schemes, Peugeot GTi site/Club pages or need to get in contact with any other club member e-mail him at webmaster@peugeot-gti.co.uk or get him on the club line Tel No: 07971 664 163.

Paul Freer
Magzine editor/assistant manager

As well as our north east group leader Paul is assistant manager and editor of the printed magazine. Any contibutions to the magazine please send to him. paul.freer@ntl.com

Ian Harrison
Membership Secretary

Members secretary, speak to Ian about who we have on the members register, or indeed if want to talk about renewals or if we have to change your address.

live's in South Wales.  Has previously owned a Black 306 D-Turbo for just over a year, which was traded in for his current pride and joy - a 306 GTI-6  (98 R), which he has owned since mid '99.

Phil Copeman
Events Secretary

Events secretary responsible for national events and local group meetings. Any problems with meetings, events etc... please contact Phil.


Mike Foster-Isaacs

Webmaster and site owner of Max Peugeot www.max-peugeot.co.uk , Mike is also a club member and the youngest member of our team. He has a keen interest in the 306 and is our graphics designer and events co-ordinator. if you have any updates or news, e-mail him at Mike@peugeot-gti.co.uk

Dan Phillips
Quiksilver Group


Ben Reilly
306 group


Simon Harris
206 Group


Aaron MacQuarrie
106 Group


Australia Section

Nik Watson
OZ Group Leader

Webmaster and site owner of 306 GTi6 site http://drive.to/306GTI-6. Our man from down under keeping us apraised of developments in Australia & New Zealand. Nik is a club member and is interested if you hear anything different with regard to Peugeot News. If you want a caht with nick speak to him at peugeot@autospeed.com

Legal bit:-This site is an unofficial fan site/club which is operated and supported by Automotive enthusiasts and not via any company or manufacturer. Any technical advice, advice, guidance or any form of support offered on this or any page linked or club advisor is purely for your (member) information and we do not accept any liability for any loss in any form that you or your vehicle suffers. Any product supplied to you via our scheme discounts will mean you form a contract with that company and not the club or web master. We advise in every instance that you take professional advice prior to making any modifications or alterations to your vehicle. The webmaster and club only support any act and indeed advice that is legal under British and International Law.Any member found to be misusing the club, the clubs name, the clubs web sites, bulletin board, chatroom, newletter posting board or any other part or parts of which we consider to form an integral section of the club or club web sites will have his membership terminated forthwith. The club does not pretend, advertise or intentionally give the impression that it is or is in fact associated with the Peugeot Sport Club. Members are considered to be such when they have submitted an application with the approriate fee and have been accepted as a member by the club owner. The club intends to operate without a limit of time but it reserves the right to close and cease to operate with 28 days notice. Any refunds claimed will be negotiated on an individual basis.The club and its websites' is and are the Peugeot GTi Autosport Club and remains the sole property of the peugeot-gti.co.uk domain and J Dow. Its advisors act in the capacity of amateur motoring enthusiasts and as such that they are club members only, are not technically qualified to give any form of technical advice, their advice is given on the understanding that it is their personal opinion and professional advice should always be considered.Due to the nature of the internet and the legal postion a web master/site owner holds with his provider the club cannot guarantee access to the site at all times. If you wish to make any comment on this statement please contact the site owner at gti6@gti6.screaming.net The same conditions will apply on renewal of membership and the club owner reserves the right to alter them at any time.Peugeot UK support & recognise the club but are not linked in any official or any other form. Should you not agree with our terms and conditions of this site please leave now.

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